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As a plastics processor, you generally demand moulds with long service life - and that these moulds put you in a position to supply plastic parts with a constant high standard of quality. Furthermore, your moulds must also have highly specific properties - depending on the requirements of the plastics used and the plastic parts to be manufactured.

It is here that a close interaction with a reputed mould steel producer like Buderus plays an important role. With correct guidance on steel selection and treatment recommendations, you will attain the high quality part production every time.

Benefits for the Plastic processor

  • Excellent thermal conductivity, means faster cycle times.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Hardness, compressive strength, good toughness.
  • Best Machinability (BM Steels).
  • Just in time delivery.
  • Competent consulting.
  • Sawing to advantageous pre-profiles.
  • Reduction in mould production time using our machining facility.