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We are the leading supplier of OPEN DIE FORGED, HEAT TREATED AND MACHINED PARTS FOR APPLICATION in Turbine shafts, Generator shafts, Armature shafts, Forgings for gas turbines, Rings, Power machinery construction, Hot and Cold back-up and work rolls for steel plants, Pipe moulds for centrifugal casting of pipes, cement plants and many more.

Our market leadership is possible due to our specialized Production facilities - all available in-house.

Our state of the art Steel Plant produces highly pure melts using our world-renowned ISO-B technology Ingots up to 190 tons are produced for further forging.

The Forge Shop using the state of the art CAF technology helps us in delivering accurate forging dimensions every time. The idea behind forging is not only to give shape to the cast ingots but to ensure re-crystallization of the cast structure and good core compression., which forms the base for good mechanical values.

After Forging, the parts are heat treated in our state of the Heat treatment furnaces and later Machined to the customer requirement