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The steel supplier in us and the mould maker in you are an inseparable team, for it is you who mould our steel to the right quality mould.

PCK-Buderus can supply you with this steel just in time, in any quantity, to any destination, and with reliably consistent quality from delivery to delivery - which means you can achieve the same high precision, mould after mould. Our tool steel guarantees you optimum properties for your plastic moulds in every respect. You thus achieve top quality in an economic manner.

A further assistance in saving your costs can be done, by successfully delivering the steel in contour sawn condition, saving your valuable time for machining as well as tool steel savings.

Buderus mould steels are characterized by Best Machining properties (BM Steels), excellent polishing, consistent etching (owing to very low Sulfur contents)

Further with services of our Machining Division, steels can be machined up to semi-finished condition for further end milling at your end and thereby reducing total tooling costs and time.

Benefits for the Mould Makers

  • High purity steel grades for excellent processing properties
  • Good polishability and excellent texturing properties owing to very low sulfur contents and heat treatment
  • Consistent world renowned quality
  • Best Machinability (BM Steels)
  • Just in time delivery
  • Competent consulting
  • Sawing to advantageous pre-profiles.
  • Six sides machining with lifting holes
  • Deep hole drilling of cooling channels holes
  • 3D contour milling up to semi finishing