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Machining Division - The customer's "extended workbench"

Tool and mould makers can take advantage of our Machining Division full product portfolio. Customers' productivity is substantially increased because we are able to perform time-consuming pre-machining of steel bars using its large machine fleet. CNC automat takes on the heaviest pre-machining tasks. We can offer our customer more performance and planning security, both of which are necessary today in order to remain competitive and avoid points of friction caused by too many interfaces and contacts

6 Sides Machined

Slab Milling
PCK has a wide range of machines to offer small plates to large blocks Milling range: 20mm to 1000mm Thk x 20 x 1500mm Width x 20 x 3000mm Long

2D and 3D Contour Milling:

2D-Contouring Milling
PCK uses vertical milling machines for 2D contour milling.

We can produce any required contour in sizes ranging from 100 mm to 3000 mm and a maximum item weight of 25,000 kg. Pre-contouring is carried out to depths of between 1 mm and 3 mm with milling cutter heads with diameters of 80, 66, 52, 35, 20 and 15 mm.


PCK uses the following CAD
We can input and output files in IGS format